The companies of the repentant ones try to take distance: besides separating their presidents they create “Programs of Integrity”

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After the scandal of the notebooks of briberies, which exposed acts of corruption of a huge number of entrepreneurs, the companies involved are trying to find a way to save their reputation. Almost all those listed on the Stock Exchange or have issued debt that obliges them to explain to the Securities Commission, separated their presidents from day to day. Thus, Aldo Roggio (Benito Roggio and Sons), Juan Chediack (Chediack), Gerardo Ferreyra (Electroengineering), Manuel Santos Urribelarrea (MSU) and Armando Loson (Albanesi) resigned.

Loson was one of the first imprisoned and then repented. Now Albanesi and the controlled companies dedicated to electricity generation reported that “in the framework of the development of their anti-corruption policies, and the strengthening of preventive measures,” the Board approved “the Company’s Integrity Program, giving special treatment to the following policies: Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy, Tender Presentation Policy and Training Plan “.

In addition, the Board of Directors approved the appointment of an Ethics Committee that will be in charge of monitoring compliance with anti-corruption policies and “carrying out the investigation of complaints that may be received through the channels of communication authorized for this purpose.” That is to say, among the measures taken, the company also opened a channel of denunciations of possible acts of corruption.

On the other hand, the current dome of Albanesi asked Loson to make a report on its management and performance of accounts, “by virtue of the reasons given at the time of submitting his resignation, linked to facts that are public knowledge.”