The 5G Cell Network: What’s in Store for Users?

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The fifth-generation cellular network popularly referred to as 5G network is here and many people are gearing up to enjoy the benefits it presents. When it comes to cellular networks, we have come far, from 2G, and then to 3G, then to 4G, which is currently in use in most parts of the world and then the new 5G. Just like every other advancement in technology, the 5G network is expected to bring more benefits to cellular network users.

Cell carriers are now expected to roll out 5G networks in most cities this year but the very first 5G phone will be launched early next year. The major thrill with 5G network is its incredible speed. In cities for instance, network speed will go up by close to 20 times more than it was with the 4G network. This is faster than any network that has been in use so far. In rural areas, where networks are expected to be slower than the cities, it will still be fast, to up to 7 times faster than 4G speed.

The other benefit with 5G network is that it has a bigger capacity. With a huge bandwidth, all cell phone plans will be unlimited. This means no low-quality videos on mobile devices and also no need to wait for WiFi to download bigger apps. Users should also be able to use apps that require more powerful processors on their phones, not just on computers.

The beauty of 5G network is that it goes beyond cellphones; the network has been designed for more use other than the phones. Internet users will be able to add the internet to just anything they can think of. Low power consumption and lower cost options make anything achievable through use of 5G network.

The excitement around 5G network is almost coming to an end with its implementation. The many months of research and development will bear its fruits soon. The technology will definitely change the lives of many and people will be able to connect remotely to anything and everything around the network.