Luis Caputo went in search of help and met with the head of the Fed and with other bankers in the US.

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With the notebooks of the coima that uncovered a huge corruption plot, Luis Caputo arrived at the summit of central bankers in the US on Friday. It was with the mission to differentiate that case from Brazilian lava jato. The head of the Central arrived at Jackson Hole, a picturesque town in Wyoming, for the international symposium organized by the Federal Reserve of Kansas. And when the dollar broke the $ 31 barrier in Buenos Aires, Caputo tried in meetings with his peers to not close the financing to the country.

The notebooks of the coima already have international repercussion and before a list of involved that does not cease to grow, the outflow of funds is accelerated, a phenomenon that started before the bursting of the notebooks with the capital flight of the emerging countries to the beat of US rate hike As far as it went, Caputo, who returned yesterday, held bilateral meetings with the Federal Reserve chief, Jerome Powel, with the president of BIS (Bank of International Settlements) Agustín Carstens, with John Taylor, former secretary of the US Treasury. UU., And with the former Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, among others. Sources close to Caputo told Clarin that “everyone showed their willingness to help” in what may be the anteroom of a fund for a greater firepower in case of a new currency attack.

The Jackson Hole meeting, which allows exchange ideas between those who define the monetary policy of countries, is always held in August. The first meeting was in 1982 when the then president of the Federal Reserve, the mythical Paul Volcker, decided to flee from the heats of Washington and combine discussions with fly fishing.

Decidedly, this time the novelty was not the sufferings of the emerging countries, whose currencies were devalued in tandem with the rise of 3% of the US interest rate. The expectation was focused on Jerome Powell’s first speech as Fed chief, who elaborated on “Monetary policy in a changing economy”. Powell’s intervention came after Donald Trump complained about the rate hike. But on Friday in his speech Powell ignored and defended the gradual rise. Are new shocks coming for the emerging ones?