In 12 months, the poverty basket has already increased 34%

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Inflation of the poor in Capital and GBA is already at 34% per year, according to INDEC data. It exceeds 31.2% of average inflation and 30.9% of the metropolitan region. Also with 32.4%, the indigents are more affected by the rise in consumer prices.

With these numbers, the increase in the value of the poverty and indigence basket exceeds the maximum limit of 32% -for average inflation-, which by the end of the year the Government committed to the IMF. And anticipates an increase in poverty and indigence “by income” taking into account that, for example, wages and pensions and pensions increased less than average inflation and much less than inflation “of the poor” and “destitute” “And there is a fall in employment and occupation.

In July, a typical family (marriage and 2 minor children) needed in Capital and GBA to earn more than $ 8,118.57 not to be destitute and more than $ 20,134.07 not to be poor.

This happened because the basic food basket (or indigence) of the Capital and the GBA increased by 3.5% and the total basket (or poverty) by 2.7% compared to an average inflation in the metropolitan region of 2, 8%

The same happens with the data from January to July. The average inflation in Capital and GBA is 19.3%, while the basket of indigence increased 22% and that of poverty increased 20.7%.

Meanwhile, in the City of Buenos Aires, and according to the Buenos Aires Bureau of Statistics, in the last 12 months the indigence basket increased by 31.5%, according to the Buenos Aires Bureau of Statistics and Censuses. And not to be destitute, a family – marriage type and two children – needed to have incomes above $ 9,895.99.

In turn, the poverty basket, which includes the indigence basket, plus the increases in public transport, rent and common expenses for housing and electricity, for a typical family that owns the home, increased 30.7%. And he needed to have income greater than $ 20,216.01 to not be poor.