Hundreds of thousands endure the Arizona heat just to view senator John McCain’s casket

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According to recent reports from CNN, hundreds of Thousands admirers and supporters of the late Senator John McCain stood  for hours in line on Wednesday in the crouching Arizona sun and more so double-digit heat to pay final respects to a 2-time presidential candidate and also a war hero in United States of America. Nevertheless, the single-file procession where McCain’s flag coffin lyed in the state which had stretched across the statehouse plaza and widened to more than 3 abreast as the crowd extended down to adjacent streets.

During this memorial Ceremony,  dozens of canvas tents and more were set up to give shade to the gathered individuals, this tents were set-up to prevent direct heat from the sun which reached temperatures 41 degrees Celsius at midday. Nevertheless, viewing of late senator John McCain’s casket come five days on the memorial service immediately after his death on Saturday. According to doctors, late senator John McCain died of brain cancer. On the day of his death,  He was 81 years of age. This memorial service however was attended by family members and more so dignitaries who were led by Governor Doug Ducey.

Late senator John McCain before was U.S. Navy jet fighter pilot who endured more than 5 years as a prisoner of war in the Vietnamese quarters before he decided to join political affairs. Nevertheless, John McCain stood up to be the competitor to presidency sit to the current elected president Donald Trump. However, John McCain’s family didn’t want U. S President Donald Trump to attend this memorial service and the funeral whatsoever.

According to CNN reports, James Fine, 54, a Dallas funeral director , who was among the hundreds of thousands of people who attended the service drove almost 1,609 km to Phoenix to pay his last respect to a person he used to refer to as a “statesman.” According to James Fine,  everyday he reads the magazine and news papers,  he sees nothing additional. According to him,  U. S nowardays don’t seem to make heroes like senator John McCain. Nevertheless, military veterans, National Guard troops, law enforcement and firefighters all saluted the senator’s casket dress uniform immediately the casket reached statehouse.