Boeing wins U.S. defense contract worth $2.9 billion

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According to recent reports, on Monday, Pentagon in a statement said that Boeing Co was going to be awarded a $2.9 billion contract in the modification to the U.S. defense for the KC-46 aircraft. According to the statement from Pentagon, the contract modification was to provide more room and exercise of an additional option which would feature the 18 KC-46 aircraft. In addition to this Boeing will also provide two more spare engines and a five wing pod kits which would be used for refueling purposes, from the statement, the initial spares produced and all the support equipment would basically be produced under this contract given to Boeing.

For decades now, the U. S has been among the top countries with the best military aviation machines. The new 18 KC-46 is among the best jets which up to now have been produced across the world.  According to Pentagon the contract awarded to Boeing is purposely for upgrade and more so perfecting the navigation system inside this aircraft not forgetting the two spares which needs to be produced in case of repairs. According to Boeing This is a breakthrough which will keep Boeing on top of other aircraft manufacturers.

According to Boeing CEO, this contract awarded to them by U. S to the company is a new opening and more opportunities in developing aircraft not specifically military designs but also private jets and carrier buses. This contract will help the company expand its roots toward Aviation and more so an opening to new design within the aviation industry. According to Pentagon, this was the most important project since the U. S military need the best company to produce the best prototype which will help U. S air defense by providing the best air defense mechanism. Boeing CO like other aviation companies participated in the U.S. defense contract for the KC-46 aircraft. According to Pentagon the contract is due to start immediately and terminate before the end of 2020.